Is Natural IVF better than Standard IVF?

There are many couples who are infertile and want to conceive pregnancy, but are confused which treatment they should go for either, Natural IVF Cycle or Standard IVF Cycle. Before moving forward, let us know about the IVF treatment. IVF that is In Vitro Fertilization is a treatment is an infertility treatment which is performed when a couple is not capable of conceiving a child, despite of having irregular sexual intercourse for a year or more. In this treatment, the egg is retrieved from a uterus of a woman and is then mixed with the sperm of her husband or a donor sperm in a vitro dish for fertilization to take place. When the embryos are formed after few days, they are then implanted back in the uterus through cervix after analyzing the quality of the embryos. The time period of one IVF cycle takes about four to six weeks.

Natural IVF Cycle and Standard IVF Cycle:

Natural IVF cycle is well known as Drug Free IVF. It is called so, because in this process, the eggs retrieved are naturally matured and are not produced using the drugs to stimulate the ovaries for the production of multiple eggs. This procedure has been proved to be very effective method for infertility treatment. In this procedure, naturally matured egg is retrieved from the uterus to get merged with the sperm  for fertilization in a test tube, hence this process is also known as test tube baby treatment. After the fertilization the embryo is implanted back in the uterus. One Natural IVF takes about 4 to 6 week to get completed.

Standard IVF cycle is very much similar to natural IVF cycle, the difference in standard IVF cycle is that the woman is given daily injections to stimulate the ovaries in order for the better production of eggs. I

The method procedure is almost same in both the process. In natural IVF the medication is comparatively less than the standard IVF. The woman who opt for natural IVF, a less amount of gonadotropin medication is prescribed to her.

Difference between the Natural IVF Cycle and Standard IVF Cycle:

  • There is a lesser risk of Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome in natural IVF cycle as compared to standard IVF cycle. The natural IVF cycle is a very effective and nets methods for reproductive complications.
  • In natural IVF procedure, medications prescribe to the woman are few. Hence there are less chances for multiple production of eggs and reduces the chance for multiple pregnancies.
  • There is no need to get confused about the cost expenses related to IVF procedure. The natural IVF treatment is less expensive than the standard IVF treatment
  • The woman faces lesser risk in natural IVF treatment as compared to standard IVF treatment.
  • If you go for natural IVF cycle, then you can deliver the babies that are healthy physically and mentally.
  • Natural IVF cycle is considered bet for the men infertility works best for the women who co-operate with the treatment properly. Natural IVF treatment is combined with ICSI; hence the success rate is much higher when compared to standard or stimulated IVF cycle.

Pros and cons of natural IVF Cycle:

Pros of Natural IVF Cycle:

  • It reduces the risk of multiple pregnancies that may create risk for mother and baby both, hence avoiding them, is essential.
  • Reduces the costs that are associated with the stimulation drugs
  • Eliminates the chances of side effects and consequences of using drugs
  • Quicker and easier results and also safe procedure of treatment

Cons of Natural IVF Cycle:

  • Premature ovulation can be caused due to the drug free IVF
  • Due to one dominant follicle, egg may not be able to develop as a healthy embryo
  • No option to choose extra embryos
  • Lower rate of pregnancy and low live birth rates

Pros and cons of Standard IVF Treatment:

Pros of Standard IVF Treatment

  • It’s been used since long time, is safe and has a higher success rate as compared to natural IVF treatment.
  • Help in diagnosing complications related to fertilization
  • Helpful in screening for inherited diseases
  • The embryos which are not in use can be stored for future treatment

Cons of Standard IVF Treatment:

  • In this treatment, there is a risk of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome.
  • There is a high possibilities of multiple births
  • The use of drugs and hormone can make this procedure a little painful
  • This treatment is very expensive if compared to natural IVF cycle

If you are willing to go for IVF treatment, consult with your doctor at the Best Hospital for IVF in India and decide to choose between, Natural IVF or Standard IVF options.

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