Are IVF Twin babies a Risk?

Pregnancy is a sensitive period in the life of a woman, a crossing marked by intense physical and psychic experiences. Now, what do we observe during a twin pregnancy with IVF? It is easy to imagine that changes and adaptations of all kinds will be more complex when it comes to preparing for the birth of two children. Indeed, the term “multiple” refers well to the concept of potential “multiplication” of difficulties, risks and concerns. According to fertility clinics, as soon as twin pregnancy with IVF is announced, it can generate a traumatic experience in women, both somatic and psychic.

These situations are less rare today than they used to be. The rate of multiple pregnancies has increased in the past three decades due to treatments of infertility and increased maternal age during conception.

IVF Twins in India

IVF and twins: what are the risks of twin babies in IVF?

For couples facing infertility, assisted reproductive technology represents real hope of conceiving a child, sometimes even several at the same time! What are the risks of multiple pregnancy after IVF? If the risk of twin births seems to be increased by In Vitro Fertilization, is it possible to avoid multiple pregnancies in IVF? The Infertility Guide decrypts the IVF and twin pregnancy report.

The risks of IVF and twins-

The rate of multiple pregnancy in IVF directly depends on the number of embryos transferred to the uterus. These are mainly twin pregnancies which represent 17% of pregnancies after IVF or ICSI and more rarely triple pregnancy (0.3%).

Embryo transfer: 1 or 2?

We must weigh the pros and cons between transferring 2 embryos to increase the chances of pregnancy with 1 single embryo to reduce the risk of twin pregnancy with IVF. Each case is specific and the decision is taken collectively between the doctor, the biologist and the couple, based on the clinical context of the couple and the experience of the fertility center.

1 Embryo only: But at the blastocyst stage

It is proposed to transfer 1 embryo at the blastocyst stage (5 days) most often, whose implantation rate is close to that of 2 embryos of 2 days with 4 cells. This is because waiting for the 5th day for transfer allows the selection of evolutionary embryos with a higher implantation potential than 2-day embryos. About 55 to 60% of 2-day embryos become blocked before reaching the blastocyst stage, and therefore cannot give birth.

How to limit the risk of IVF twins?

Since 2010, with technical progress of the prolonged culture of embryo up to the blastocyst stage, the implantation rate per embryo has progressed to approach 30% per embryo. This progress allows us to transfer a single embryo, without reducing the pregnancy rate, hence, helps in decreasing chances of twin pregnancy with IVF.

Chances of twins with IVF and its risks

The risk of IVF and twins can therefore be very easily controlled by the number of embryos transferred. However, this risk of giving birth to twins at the end of IVF is not completely excluded because 1 transferred embryo can split and give a twin pregnancy: now, it is the real twin because it comes from the same fertilization. This is unpredictable and unstoppable but very rare. So stay on the idea that the risk of IVF and twins is controlled by the number of embryos transferred and you have a say in the choice of the number of embryos transferred. The chances of twins with IVF increase when more than 1 embryo is transferred.

The experience of IVF twins

In fact, a multiple pregnancy imposes a greater physiological and morphological adaptation on the female body. Thus, weight gain is common, Stretch marks can be a witness to this. Some women express a feeling of repulsion towards their bodies, which they fear seeing burst.

From the desire for a child to the birth of babies, the woman pregnant with IVF twins lives a unique journey. Due to its fragile somatic and psychological experience, twins need to be considered at bio-psychosocial risk. In order to allow her to get through this period and to receive her children in the best conditions, it is important that the future mother of twins get the benefit of medical care during pregnancy, including both psychological and practical aspects of her new life. To know more about the chances of twin pregnancy with IVF, visit the best IVF centre in India.

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